Slight snag: Justin Bieber has reportedly been hit with a $85,000 bill which could delay Khloe Kardashian moving into his Calabasas mansion generally happy for that possibility to do what I enjoy. Many thanks.’ This show of work and gratitude is actually a rarity for Justin who has spent recent years months partying up a story, which resulted in a DUI arrest in Miami in February. Two day work: The big trucks arrived at the mansion the next day as well to continue with the shift Shifting on out: The vans were moving Justin’s issues out steadily to create method for Khloe An audience: The Baby singer required three bodyguards to greatly help him deal with the female fans outside his studio No girlfriend here: His on-again enjoy Selena Gomez was nowhere insight The Beauty And A Beat singer was spotted escaping a studio in the early morning where he was mobbed by fans. Wearing a sizable couple of glasses, a black baseball hat on backwards and a black tshirt he seemed a lot more like a teenager that just left the mall when compared to a severe entertainer generating audio.

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