look at this another notch in the basketball bedpost for Bieber. When playing against people who have a vested interest in his accomplishment the popstar is sneakily proficient at hockey. Who will overlook Shaq dropping to Bieber in 2010? Or Perhaps The moment he worked Usher over last year? The problem should be asked: Has anyone ever truly Dd up Bieber? Features A simple, solitary heart ever been daring enough to put forearm to back and train a honest lesson about baseball and love to this child? Or has Biebers life been one long, solo shootaround against a straw man frightened of looking just like an idiot? Currently, only one man has received the guavas to stepup and carry the reckoning down on Biebers jump-shot. And that gentleman was Scottie Pippen. We admire you, Scottie.

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