Tis The Season Lawyers for CBS4 and its announcement companion the Miami Herald, in addition to attorneys for media outlets including CNN and the Associated Press, asserted that because the tapes have already been turned up to the security within the development process in the case; the movies are now actually public record, and therefore available to being seen within their entirety. Nearly 10 hours of video was released last Wednesday, which reveals the popstar walking unsteadily during sobriety checks. At issue in Tuesdays hearing, which is set for 1 PM, will soon be five movies that have been withheld. The videos involved supposedly demonstrate Mr. Bieber during the time he was requested to offer an urine sample to Miami Beach Police as part of his DUI arrest on January 23rd. Biebers attorneys contended that parts of the movie should be eliminated to protect their consumers directly to privacy. Web Extra: Monitoring Video Documented In Miami Beach Police Department Following Justin Biebers Charge Authorities stopped singer and Bieber Khalil Amir Sharieff on January 23rd after the things they said was an illegal street drag race concerning exotic autos. Breath tests showed that Biebers blood-alcohol content was below the.02 lawful control for underage people, but toxicology tests revealed the clear presence of the ingredient in the antidepressant Xanax and pot.

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