Justin is sleeping with a girl from Hooters, haphazard girls he hangs out with at parties, and everybody inbetween, a supplier told HollywoodLife, For Selena, he understands he will sleep with her again, and actually doesnt worry about the psychological impact it plays on her. Discussing Justin’s conduct, the reported resource proceeded: He is out of control and out for herself, All this speak about still loving Selena its all BS and it hasnt gotten him in some trouble however, but I really hope for his circumstance he is getting tried. The couple were last spotted together in December, using Segways around Bieber’s LA neighbourhood (Wenn) According to TMZ, the Hooters waitress spent the weekend at the legend’s rented Atlanta mansion where he’s been living for recent years months as he performs on songs. The site would not say how they knew, but believed they knew for clear that Jordan is with Bieber. The 22-year-old hooked up with Bieber last August in Sin City and was apparently observed getting him in a sky diving lesson while he partied with a team of friends. The web site alleges that photos placed by Jordan on her Facebook and Instagram originated in in the space-ship inspired estate, owned by producer Dallas Austin, where JB happens to be keeping.

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