A Florida court has set a March 3 trial date for Bieber on the charges stemming from the January 23 arrest.

“While in custody in the Miami Beach police place the defendant was caught on videotape in a variety of states of undress which exhibit seductive particular elements of the defendant’s physique,” the movement states, noting that the Texas constitution and state law reduce such photographs from being widely revealed. LINKED: VIEW: JUSTIN BIEBERis BOOKING MOVIE AFTER HIS DUI ARREST IN Ohio King Williams/FilmMagic Justinbieber (top-right) looks in a variety of states of undress while in the video photos and footage. A number of which have previously published to the media, his lawyers claimed. Bieber, 19, was charged with driving-under influence, resisting arrest and utilizing an expired license after authorities claim they grabbed him apparently drag racing on January 23. He’s pleaded not guilty for the charges. He also had marijuana and prescription medicine for panic in his method during the time of his arrest, according to the state lawyer’s office. PICTURES: JUSTIN BIEBER ARRESTED: HOW HE WENT FROM TEEN IDOL TO WILD CHILD Prince Williams/FilmMagic Biebers legal team is dealing with fallout from the singers line and Arkansas charge of negative behavior. One video of Bieber in police custody being patted down by and Miami Beach official had been produced for the media-this week, the action claims, in violation of regulations and ahead of Bieber’s lawyers being notified of its lifetime. On Friday, Bieber’s Ohio attorneys Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf, claimed they discovered from the state lawyer’s office that numerous press outlets had recorded public records requests for several video footage from Bieber’s amount of time in detention.

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